Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Uncle Sam To Fund DOT Projects Here

Treutlen County is included in a four-year federal package of funding for Georgia Department of Transportation projects:

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Joel Edge said...

It would make more sense just to post the project details online, rather than post an announcement. Sounds like a dog and pony show.

Marlee's helper said...

I do that to avoid copyright infringement. No law that I know of to prevent sharing links, but publicizing without permission is a no-no in my book. When you follow a link you have everything. I'm sure the DOT was a standard news release, but the first place I found it was the Rockdale Citizen.
Does it break your mouse finger to make one click? lol

Joel Edge said...

I wasn't referring to you posting the projects online. I was referring to the state posting the projects. Rather than having an "open house", post the projects online and solicit comments. Have an open house only on the ones with any problems. It would give more time for consideration by the public.

Thanks, Joel! said...

Good idea Joel! If DOT really wants public input, internet is better than costly meetings. Topix has proven that.