Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Byrd and Cauley Capture Wild Hogs

Photography by 13-year-old Taylor Cauley

The blonde hog is unusual, and we recommend adult supervision on reading the article.

George Cauley and Buddy Byrd of Treutlen County recently captured two large hogs in Wilkinson County The dark boar was about 350 pounds in weight.  The blonde was a 225-pound hermaphrodite with male and female characteristics, including tusks and other physical manifestations.

Internet search shows that Intersexuality, the modern term, in hogs is rare. In October 2008 in Colombia, SA, a pig of a litter of 11 was an Intersex, and this is the only comment on the article: "i hunt hogs in florida. recently i cought a hog that appears to be healthy weighing approx. 125 lbs. it is hermaphordite. i have it in a pen it is alive and well. i was wondering how rare this is."

In an 1880 book, there was an account of a pig with ambiguous genitalia being examined by the Secretary of Savannah State Board of Health and donated to University of Nashville and Vanderbilt University.

In 1977 there was a survey of swine in Australia, which found 19 Intersex hogs out of 4000.

Since the condition is present in humans, the old word is not appropriate.  Intersexuality applies to several conditions, not just one. Many years ago, surgery was done early, but now doctors advise waiting until the child can offer his/her own input. The physical manifestations are not considered as important as the genetics.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

On the Web

Since today is the first anniversary of the Soperton Sign going on line, here are a few tidbits for web followers.

First, Bill Ricks has a 1985 photo of Treutlen High School's first three computers:

Next, a couple of young fellows are starting a new website:

Here is one sample of their work:

We hope that their site will be suitable for family viewing. We found one of their YouTubes somewhat "earthy". 

Finally, a link to one of the latest articles on Range Fuels:

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Signs Today 03/29/10

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life Springs Eternal

Long after the paint is flaked away, the window is gone, the meter is pulled, and weeds and vines grow up -- the shade tree and flowers show that once mankind passed this way, stayed for a while, and moved on.

"To forget is vain endeavor, love's remembrance lasts forever."
 --- epitaph

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Picture Show Lady

Mrs. Juanita Lindsey Youmans was a fixture at Soperton's Pal Theatre for most of its existence.
"After I graduated from Soperton High School I went to work for the Brice family," she said.  " I had been working at the Theatre since I was in seventh grade, got about $2 a week and free admission to the movies for ushering, taking up tickets, and cashier. I showed them that I was able to be the manager."
Mrs. Juanita has always been an active citizen who supports every good thing in Soperton. She has been a state and national leader in Eastern Star and served as Grand Ester for the state of Georgia, and made personal visits to every district in the state.  She has been the Secretary/Treasurer of the Treutlen County Historical Society since its inception and continues today. For 20 years she was secretary/treasurer of the American Legion Auxiliary. She served 16 years as secretary for the Draft Board. Early in the program, she was named Citizen of the Year by the Soperton-Treutlen Chamber of Commerce.
But she is best known for a lifetime of being friends to every movie patron and a good example to all the children who grew up at the picture show. When all day at the Saturday movies cost 13 cents, she may have been performing the cheapest baby sitting service in history. From the day she became manager in 1942 until the last showing of Kirk Douglas's "Indian Fighter" on October 26, 1963, she was a Treutlen County figurehead who touched the lives of generations.
In 1991, Barron Godbee, mailed to Mrs. Juanita a copy of the last movie program for Soperton's Pal Theatre. Clayton Stephens, himself, framed a copy which hangs at the museum, and now she has allowed us to share her copy on the internet.

Godbee wrote under the program:

It was sure good to see you in Lyons last week even though it was under bad circumstances---- This is a copy of your last calendar in Soperton --- The Theatre closed Saturday night October 26, 1963--- Can you believe it's been 28 years?? --- Barron 

By 1963 most families had at least one black and white TV. Theater companies began closing their services in the smaller towns, as more people were willing to travel to the bigger towns for recent releases.

Since Mrs. Juanita was on duty when movies were playing, she saw only bits and pieces. "When 'Gone with the Wind' was playing," she said, "I drove to Vidalia so I could see the whole thing uninterrupted."


We Googled the movies shown on the last program at Soperton's Pal. We put an asterisk by the ones we considered the best for renting or buying.

Wonderful To Be Young - 1961 - (aka The Young Ones) -  Burt Bacharach music

Savage Sam 1963 - Disney - Son of Old Yeller didn't live up to the 1957 film

On The Threshold of Space - 1956 - middling movie but essential for space program fans - Guy Madison (Wild Bill Hickok tv show))

*Rear Window - 1954 - Hitchcock directed, James Stewart- 4 Oscar nominations

The Nutty Professor - 1963 - Jerry Lewis - 1996 Eddie Murphy did the remake

Billy Budd - 1962 - from Herman Melville novel - Terence Stamp most promising male newcomer

The Wasp Woman - 1960 - Directed by Roger Corman, genius of b-movie horror (His new 'Dinoshark' is playing on SyFy channel)

Who's Got the Action - 1962 - Dean Martin, Lana Turner comedy

Around the World in a Daze - 1963 - 3 Stooges Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Joe DeRita - dvd at amazon for $6

*Vera Cruz - 1954 - Cooper & Lancaster - influenced later westerns

Hell on Devil's Island - 1957 - Melodrama of the last days of the notorious French convict prison of Devil's Island.

Papa's Delicate Condition - 1963 - Jackie Gleason - Oscar winning song "Call Me Irresponsible"

Summer Magic - 1963 - Haley Mills (4th of her 6 Disney films)

Brain Washed - No info - Popular subject after 1962 Manchurian Candidate

Tension at Table Rock - 1956 - Richard Egan, DeForest Kelley, Angie Dickinson - TCM playing Mar 27, 12 pm

*Spencer's Mountain - 1963 - became the basis of "The Waltons" - Henry Fonda, Maureen O'Hara

Play it cool! - British rock star Billy Flury - "Helen Shapiro best reason to watch it

*The Indian Fighter - 1955 - Kirk Douglas - Cowboys and Indians - compared with John Wayne's Hondo and James Stewart's Broken Arrow

J. W. Daniels continued the movie tradition in Soperton, moving into the Pal location.  His operation was called the Dan Theatre.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sandstone Outcropping

Sandstone is common in Treutlen County, and there are many forms of it all over the world. It is used as building material.  Ordinary farm houses in our area sat on blocks of sandstone.  It can easily be carved, such as in the walls of Troup's Tomb. The most prominent outcropping is Berryhill Bluff on the Oconee River.

The outcropping in the photos is over head high and is just off GA 46 near the airport. The Ernie Gillis house is on the hill.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's the Four Square Pentecostal Church

The church has seen many changes over the years including running water, but the old privy still stands in the woods. 

Two wire wheels are mounted to blocks of sandstone in the backyard

An old road used to connect Beaver Runn and Whippoorwill is behind the building

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Cat Was Out After Dark

Did you see the Chesire Cat smiling in the western sky? The camera was at the front edge of the Soperton Sign at 9:47 p.m. The pecan branches at Higgs Florist formed snaggled teeth. You may make out the street-lighted branches and the power lines. Heavily enhanced photo with lots of visual "noise", but you can see the earthshine reflecting on the shady side of the moon.

Marlee is asleep, but we are sure she would approve.

Which Church Has Biggest Sign?

It may not be the biggest church building in Treutlen County, and others may have a bigger sign, but this one has the biggest Ten Commandments sign. Which are where? Put your answer in the comments. Anonymously or otherwise.

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Sign Today 03/18/10

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tesla Bivins Is 'Supreme Queen'

Tesla Bivins of Treutlen County had a huge win and totally wowed the judges and crowd as she took the stage driving her Barbie Mustang. She won natural photogenic, outfit of choice (with her Barbie Girl routine), 5-9 years Overall Prettiest Dress and 5 year old Supreme Queen.

It happened in Darien during the past weekend and the event was covered by the 'Toddlers & Tiaras' for an upcoming TV show.

Photos show that it was a fun weekend!

Facebook friends of proud mama, Lisa Bivins, can learn more at her profile.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tesla Bivins Is Off To Darien

Tesla Bivins, daughter of Ron and Lisa Bivins, will be participating in a beauty pageant in Darien this weekend. The TLC reality television series "Toddlers & Tiaras" crew will be covering the event for an upcoming program.
The photos show Tesla practicing after school this week at the TES cafeteria.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Crow-Mart Pond Testing Begins

A few members of the well known Crow-Mart Team of Soperton is off to a good start for fishing season with a new wrinkle in their services.
Thursday a truckload of live bait will arrive at the Main Street headquarters to serve the fishing public, as the cloudy skies and intermittent rain will offer excellent conditions for the weekend. Of course there will be plenty of artificial lures and tackle.
Tuesday evening, Crow, Kennon, and Scrubby tested a local farm pond.  If you have trouble catching fish at your pond, Crow Mart's experts are willing to visit and determine if there are fish in the pond. In two hours the team proved that the pond had bass, blue gills, bream, and shellcracker.
Always shop Soperton first, the friendly town. The motto of Crow Mart is "If we don't have everything you need, we will gladly tell where to get it, or show you how to do without it."

Call when you "test" your pond.  Crow-Mart is ready to serve. E-NEWS photographer available, too.

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Signs Today 03/10/10

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