Monday, March 8, 2010

Letter to TREUTLEN E-NEWS: Library

To the  Editor,
"Around Town",
It has been my pleasure to take advantage of the resources available at the Treutlen Co. Library over the past several years.
It has been my place for job hunting, correspondence as well as the usual resource for books.
As I have been in and out for the past several years many improvements have been made and duely noted.
As I have done a research on Christopher Columbus, and the tie- in with literacy and new discoveries, it has come to my attention that our children's section needs help.
The Treutlen County Library accepts book donations and I know- there are some grandparents out there who bought wonderful children's books for their Children and grandchildren that are sitting on the shelf.
I know this community remembers the "Depression" and it is drilled in us not to throw anything away.  I know. It would not be throwing it away to give to the Library and letting this generation see and read what you have been storing for years.
There may even be a kind lady or gentleman who upon reading this, realizing the importance of literacy- its connection to great societies and perhaps would donate a collection of children's books.
I will go even a step further--if you would like to spend an hour on any given day to read to some children, I know Mrs. Smith would love to hear from you.
Just Thinking-- Tammy
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