Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Byrd and Cauley Capture Wild Hogs

Photography by 13-year-old Taylor Cauley

The blonde hog is unusual, and we recommend adult supervision on reading the article.

George Cauley and Buddy Byrd of Treutlen County recently captured two large hogs in Wilkinson County The dark boar was about 350 pounds in weight.  The blonde was a 225-pound hermaphrodite with male and female characteristics, including tusks and other physical manifestations.

Internet search shows that Intersexuality, the modern term, in hogs is rare. In October 2008 in Colombia, SA, a pig of a litter of 11 was an Intersex, and this is the only comment on the article: "i hunt hogs in florida. recently i cought a hog that appears to be healthy weighing approx. 125 lbs. it is hermaphordite. i have it in a pen it is alive and well. i was wondering how rare this is."

In an 1880 book, there was an account of a pig with ambiguous genitalia being examined by the Secretary of Savannah State Board of Health and donated to University of Nashville and Vanderbilt University.

In 1977 there was a survey of swine in Australia, which found 19 Intersex hogs out of 4000.

Since the condition is present in humans, the old word is not appropriate.  Intersexuality applies to several conditions, not just one. Many years ago, surgery was done early, but now doctors advise waiting until the child can offer his/her own input. The physical manifestations are not considered as important as the genetics.

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