Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Crow-Mart Pond Testing Begins

A few members of the well known Crow-Mart Team of Soperton is off to a good start for fishing season with a new wrinkle in their services.
Thursday a truckload of live bait will arrive at the Main Street headquarters to serve the fishing public, as the cloudy skies and intermittent rain will offer excellent conditions for the weekend. Of course there will be plenty of artificial lures and tackle.
Tuesday evening, Crow, Kennon, and Scrubby tested a local farm pond.  If you have trouble catching fish at your pond, Crow Mart's experts are willing to visit and determine if there are fish in the pond. In two hours the team proved that the pond had bass, blue gills, bream, and shellcracker.
Always shop Soperton first, the friendly town. The motto of Crow Mart is "If we don't have everything you need, we will gladly tell where to get it, or show you how to do without it."

Call when you "test" your pond.  Crow-Mart is ready to serve. E-NEWS photographer available, too.

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