Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Info About Range Fuels

First for the nation: 
Range mentioned on GPB (Georgia Public Broadcasting) last week.
"Colorado-based Range Fuels broke ground on the 500-million dollar Soperton plant in 2007 and expect it to produce around 100-million gallons a year by 2013."

"In the future, the company will experiment with using grass and sugarcane stalks for making bio-fuel."

Range Fuels has discussed publicly its ethanol plans for several years now, but it only recently made clear that it would be churning out methanol first. 

Quotes from CEO David Aldous:

Phase 1 of the plant has an annual capacity of “less than 10 million gallons,” said company CEO David Aldous in an email.
The company has set a goal of expanding its capacity of the same plant to 60 million gallons per year, with construction set to start next summer.
Aldous declined to disclose the cost of building the plant.
The company is selling the methanol to a biodiesel producer, said Aldous, who declined to disclose the producer’s name.
"Robert Rapier emailed us to clarify that his criticism of Range was not about their decision to add methanol to the mix, per se, but rather he says what the company is delivering is at a far greater taxpayer cost and at a much later date than what they initially hyped." - cleantech

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