Thursday, August 19, 2010

Marlee Is Beating the Heck out of Ricks

Soperton/Treutlen County has two active blogs. One carries news, the other carries olds.

Marlee's blog is TREUTLEN E-NEWS. Ricks's blog is Bill Ricks of Soperton.

Since the first of June, Google has enabled bloggers to get statistics. Here are a few:

Marlee has 450 subscribers - Ricks has 140 subscribers.

Other than the United States, the Netherlands are high on Ricks and Germany is high on Marlee.

The main browser to read either blog is, by far, Explorer, and Windows is the main operating system.

The dominant referring site for both blogs is Google, followed by Facebook, but there is a difference:

Ricks: It's Google 793 to Facebook 361. Marlee: It's Google 666 to Facebook 636 (neck and neck).

Marlee refers to Ricks and Ricks refers to Marlee, meaning that some people read one and then click the link to the other blog.

Peak time for viewing this week: Marlee- 5 p.m. Tuesday. Ricks- 2 p.m. Monday.


Ricks: HR 4899 To Cost $81 Billion (July 25) - 1,040 page views

Marlee: She Set the New Standard for "Blonde" (August 16) - 1,450 page views

Ricks: Lowest page views for any post was 330 page views

Marlee: Lowest page views for any post was 510 page views

We see you smiling, Marlee. Ricks has his work cut out!

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