Friday, October 1, 2010

This Week's News on Range Fuels

Bill Schafer has moved from Range Fuels Inc to Pursuit Dynamics PLC in Nebraska:

Pursuit Dynamics PLC has contracted to install and validate its Ethanol Reactor System at the 44 MMgy Mid America Bio Energy & Commodities LLC ethanol plant in Madrid, Neb. Installments at Marquis Energy LLV and Pacific Ethanol Inc’s Boardman plant, which were announced this spring, are progressing well with deployment expected in October, according to the company. All three plants will run the ERS for up to 10 weeks to quantify the operational benefits in a commercial environment. Pursuit also announced Bill Schafer and Cary Veith will work jointly as general managers of the company’s biofuels business. Schafer brings more than 30 years of energy industry experience including his most recent position as a founder and officer of Range Fuels Inc. Veith has more than 30 years experience in innovations, most recently having led the research and development department at Myriant Technologies LLC, a biotech developer and manufacturer of renewable biochemicals. 

Several "Feel Good" announcements in ethanol production, including Range Fuel's Aug. 17 announcement:
Range Fuels Inc. 
Cellulosic ethanol producer Range Fuels is one step closer to producing cellulosic ethanol at its Soperton, Ga., plant. The company announced Aug. 17 that it had completed an initial phase of production by producing cellulosic methanol, which is expected to be followed by ethanol production in the third quarter. “The reason for starting up on methanol and then following with ethanol production is that the methanol catalyst is not as costly,” David Aldous, Range Fuels’ president and CEO told EPM. 

Construction to expand the plant to 60 MMgy of cellulosic biofuels is expected to begin next summer. The plant is permitted to produce a total of 100 MMgy of methanol and ethanol. 

Going from ethanol to other products
Utah State University Extension: 
Biodiesel Magazine reports that several companies once exclusively billed as cellulosic ethanol producers have widened their focus to include the production of higher-value biobased chemicals and drop-in substitutes. One example is Broomfield, Colo.-based Range Fuels Inc., which recently produced its first batch of cellulosic methanol at its Soperton, Ga., facility. In Wisconsin, Flambeau River Biofuels shelved its cellulosic ethanol project long ago, and is now focused on the gasification of woody biomass to produce renewable diesel and paraffin wax.

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