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Library Board Member Will Peterson (left) and Treutlen County Librarian Mary Jane Smith (right) accept presentation of  Harold Powell's "TREUTLEN COUNTY INDIAN ARTIFACTS," his compilation of notes, photographs, articles, and maps of his lifetime hobby of finding and preserving of local artifacts left by the Native Americans who lived in the area over thousands of years.  Powell, with his son Danny and late wife Vivien Josey Powell, collected thousands of arrowheads, pottery fragments, and other remnants of ancient civilizations.
Book Cover

The 80-page notebook is accompanied by a CD, so users can view the pages on high resolution.  Pages of lower resolution have placed on the TREUTLEN E-NEWS's Picasa Web Albums, for the whole world to appreciate.  Comments may be posted on this blog post; also on the individual pages in the web album.  Please share with your friends by email.  E-NEWS posts are shared on Google Buzz, Twitter, and Facebook.

Harold's project will continue as a work in progress, as his notes are added as well as yours.

All of the collection was found in Treutlen and adjoining counties, the bulk being from Treutlen.  Powell did a very historically valuable deed, as he marked the locations of places he found artifacts on the Treutlen County map.  The map pages were copied with enough overlap that they can be printed and joined for a complete county map.

To view pages click the link to the album:

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