Thursday, October 21, 2010

Deer Photos Welcome Here

Hunter Byrd (left) killed this nice young buck last week.  His brother Trevor saw another one, but it lived to grow bigger.

The E-NEWS welcomes game and fish photos, especially when kids are featured with them.

Bill Ricks made this photo when the Byrd boys came to Crow Mart to show off their morning's work to their grandpa, Buddy Byrd.

Bill likes to take pictures in his old age and retirement, so if you have something for him to photograph you may catch him at Crow Mart or his house. Check his front door for his cellphone number and call him. (He doesn't want everybody on the web reading it.)


The Soperton Ice Plant has a new website, and they are using a name more identified with their antique business, ANTIQUES AT SIP.  The E-NEWS is happy to add their link.

If you have a local blog or website, we'd like to add it to our list of links.  We have two different sections of links:  One for strictly Treutlen County, and the other "Useful Links" which include area websites, such as Southeast Georgia Today (Vidalia) and The Blade Plus (Swainsboro), plus links that we've come across that seem useful.

The reason that some sites are shown in larger size with photos and words is that they have "feeds" that do that. The "Click to View" sites don't have "feeds".  The Blogger computers handle it automatically.

THS Softball New
The third-and-deciding game of the best-of-3 series will be played today at 5 p.m. in Ocilla. The winner will advance to the state championship tournament, which will be held Oct. 28-30 in Columbus.

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