Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Range Fuels CEO Is in Elite Group

The Top 100 People in Bioenergy
#71. David Aldous, CEO, Range Fuels
Range Fuels has been practically back in stealth mode in 2009-10, focused less on proseletyzing for renewable fuels and more on delivering at its Soperton, Georgia facility. The good news – Range is up and running at a 4 Mgy demonstration level, now transitioning from methanol over to ethanol. In terms of gasification-based advanced biofuels, it has seized and now held first-mover advantage, and with its focus on wood-based biofuels will find itself with some additional advantages in building on existing infrastructure for assembling feedstock. Delivering the Range project in these nefarious economic times has been no small achievement for Aldous, even though the company has been disinclined to crow about it.
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