Monday, October 11, 2010

Tina Joiner's Rattlesnake

Thanks, Tina, for using your rattlesnake photo and info:

Tina Joiner's Photos - Mobile Uploads

Comments from Facebook from Tina's friends:

Good Googly!

I have seen the biggest and most killed this year than ever!

Tina Joiner: Yea he was almost five foot! Two guys had him almost dead (they thought he was) when we came by and saw him. he crawled about four foot and I realized he wasnt dead so I called Jordy to come shoot him. Of course he still moved afterwards but he had no head!
(September 19, 2020)

YUKKKK...I hate snakes...My son is a good shot though...

Good shot! Good pic! Good snake!

Oh my goodness its big....

Continue to be careful, folks!

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