Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On the Road with Crow Mart

Some Senior Citizens look for
the Wednesday discounts
even when it's Saturday!
Looking for Saturday night entertainment?  Try the auction barn at East Dublin. 

The CrowMart Crew checked it out for you last weekend and gave it their full recommendation. 

There's lots of food at the auction barn, but the Crew had plenty of time to ride around and investigate some of the other pleasures of Laurens County.

"Where are the honey buns?"
KFC has great chicken.  Even a grilled
chicken sandwich. But it's almost
$2 cheaper at Chickfila.

Nothing like Dairy Queen when
the grocery store lets you down.

To bid, all you've got to do is raise your hand or your number sign.

The TREUTLEN E-NEWS is experimenting with GoogleEarth images to show locations. Let's see if it helps you find the auction barn.

The entrance to the auction barn is on South Drive, a short street that connects US 80 and Railroad Avenue.

If you get lost, just ask somebody at Conners Restaurant (map pin on the right).

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