Thursday, December 17, 2009

Second Grade News

From the "Viking Voyager":

For the past few months second grade has really been busy. We have been reviewing skills that were taught in First Grade as well as learning lots of new Second Grade skills. Please continue to check your child’s homework and sign it every night. We really appreciate those of you who have already been doing this. Each night your child should have homework in Math, a Reading comprehension passage, and an English practice page. It is very important that each student complete and return his/her homework. This is an excellent way of reviewing skills taught in preparation for the CRCT in the spring.

By the end of Second Grade your child needs to be reading at least 90 words per minute. In order to achieve this goal, it is important that your child read to you every night. Math facts need to be memorized in order to calculate answers in a timely manner. In English, we will begin learning about adjectives and adverbs. In Science we will start our unit on States of Matter. Please remember to go over the study guides with your child!

Supplies are running low in all Second Grade classrooms!! Please send pencils, pencil top erasers, and Kleenex boxes.

 ---Second Grade Teachers

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