Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Grade News

From the "Viking Voyager":

Please remember to check your first grader’s folder each Monday for important weekly newsletters and study guides which should be used throughout the week for daily practice on skills.
Remind your child to complete math and spelling homework daily, Monday-Thursday and return it to school the next day.  Please assist your child as needed.
Listen to your child read daily.  Your child’s AR book can be used for this reading practice.  Time your child to see how many words he or she can read correctly in 1 minute.  Encourage him or her to try and increase the number of words read each time.  This practice will help to prepare students for the oral reading fluency assessment, which will be given in January.
Please keep in mind that tests are given on Friday.  Make every possible effort to have you child present on that day!
When scheduling doctor appointments for your child, please remember that our instructional time ends each day at 1:50.  After this time, students are in rotation classes (P.E., Music, Science Lab, or Computer Lab).  Following rotation, we have recess until the end of the day.  Therefore, we ask that you try to arrange appointments so that your child can be at school until 1:50 in order to minimize the amount of missed academic instructional time.

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