Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kindergarten News

From the "Viking Voyager":

Hello, parents!!  We have had the wonderful opportunity of working with your children and have been truly blessed by all of them!

We have been very busy preparing for the holidays and learning how to read and write.  While we work very hard on sounding out words, reading simple sentences, learning our sight words, understanding read aloud books, and practicing math concepts, we are also learning about our world including environments/ habitats, animals, and seasons.

We have a few things for you to remember and keep in mind throughout the upcoming weeks.  Make sure that your children are getting plenty of rest so that they are ready to learn, and grow.

We will be going to the Macon Mall on Tuesday, December 15.  Please have you child dressed in their “Red Ribbon Day” t-shirts with a long-sleeve shirt underneath, and sneakers.  We will provide nametags and lunches.

We appreciate all that you do to help your child everyday!!

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