Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Pictures - MARLEE

Where is that cat?

Hey everybody! It's me, Marlee, Chief Advisor for the TREUTLEN E-NEWS.  I like to work behind the scenes, but there are important moments in history --- LIKE THE BIG SNOW --- when we must drop everything, put work aside and PLAY!
Everybody with a camera was taking pictures,  and some of my best friends shared theirs with the E-NEWS audience. So we're now sharing some of our family photos of the snow.
I was so excited it was the day after that I could slow down enough for a picture of my snow-jumping. The K-Girl (aka the Little Master) was in a fantasy land. (It was the first snow for both of us. K-Girl and her Mommy had to hold be still that first evening. K-Girl's Baba pitched hard balls of snow at the photographer. I settled on the style of front paws and back paws up to get through the 3.5 inches of snow. Early Saturday morning, the K-Girl carried on with a softer and gentler snowball fight with the Mum Mum, also referred to as "the toy". My friend Abby (Chocolate Lab) curled up in a pile of leaves and slept through the whole. I've learned not mess with the big older kitties, but those others are fair game, and snow day was open season.

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