Monday, February 22, 2010

Comments From Our Facebook Page

Once we learned about Facebook last year, we realized it had potential to foster the goals of the TREUTLEN E-NEWS: Bringing people together with a common purpose, that being Treutlen County!

We encourage all internet users to join Facebook.  We encourage Facebook users to become fans of TREUTLEN E-NEWS.  At first Marlee had a solitary job making posts, but recently others are commenting on what Marlee is doing and saying.

Here are a few comments, without the names:

 that is awesome! Glad you are enjoying the snow Marlee! : )

This is a really good picture.

Hey Marlee, I love your blog. It keeps me up-to-date even though I still live here. I think that on your blog Treutlen E-News, you should also have a section on how to make Treutlen a better place to live as well as what is already great about our community. You should include a section about people who want to help tr...

Hey Marlee, I'll have to stop by and visit on my next trip to Tarrytown.

I don't know where any of those places are but I'm sure my dad does.

 I sure enjoy reading/looking at Treutlen ENew blogspot... helps me find a lil' piece of home and what's happening there! Thanks for all you do Marlee!

Marlee says thanks. E-NEWS is growing in readership, thanks to people like you. We miss a lot, and we are urging fans to let us know when news is happening and send in photos. In time we hope to do better.

 Just moved back to Soperton this week!...Smith's Fried Chicken is gone! What! No Harrell's IGA! Where did Reggie's sandwich shop go? where do I eat now?

 Myra Henry was the last owner at the Smiths location; she went back to the Parkerville location with her sisters. She died of breast cancer. IGA closed after Mr. Shaw of Alamo was owner for a while; he over-extended financially. Reggie and Barbara had good business and they got tired. Reggie is Mayor. The Willow Run near the gazebo downtown is good. Some people drive to Adrian for the buffet.

 Marlee i love your last name. You must be kin to my ricky. I know you are. Glad to see you on here.

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