Saturday, February 6, 2010

No Sticky Pedal on this Toyota

Toyota is not seen favorably these days, but the brand has a long history of service in the United States.

Toyota set up a headquarters in Hollywood in 1957; the first Toyota car registered in the United States was a 1958 Toyopet, sold in 1958; the California license plate was installed by Toyota Motor Sales (USA) president Shotaro Kamiya himself, in front of the California DMV.


 The second generation Celica was released in 1978,(production began in late 1977) and was again available in both ST and GT trim levels.
 Power was provided by 2.2-liter engines for both models. This new generation offered more safety, power and economy than previous models, and was awarded Motor Trend’s "Import Car of the Year" for 1978. 

This beautiful classic automobile belongs to Mrs. Lillian at the Treutlen County Senior Center. It has been her regular transportation for a long time, has traveled many miles and many places. She says that it's not for sale. "Oh, if somebody offered me a million dollars for it, I may consider it," she said with a smile. Mrs. Lillian is a native of Michigan, but she has strong ties here.

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