Monday, February 22, 2010

Kasey Rae Wants You!

Kasey Rae is willing to start a group to help abandoned animals. You will find Kasey Rae on Facebook.

The following is from the TREUTLEN E-NEWS Facebook page:

Kasey Rae Hey Marlee, I love your blog. It keeps me up-to-date even though I still live here. I think that on your blog Treutlen E-News, you should also have a section on how to make Treutlen a better place to live as well as what is already great about our community. You should include a section about people who want to help treutlen. For example, what do you think people who are visiting Treutlen county think when they see abandoned animals at the dumpster? Animals are as part of our community as well as people. I recently had a family member visit from another state, and that is exactly what he saw....Animals abandoned in the dead of winter. He was disgusted at how someone could do that. As am I. Your site is helping everyone to see the good in Treutlen, now lets both help make treutlen even better....
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TREUTLEN E-NEWS Kasey Rae, you have jumped on a bad problem that has been here a long time. Soperton has a program to pick up homeless animals, but it needs to be extended through the whole county. It costs a lot to neuter pets, but more of it needs to be done. There are many animal lovers in Treutlen County who are trying to solve the problems as individuals. Maybe we need to group together.
With your permission I will post your comment on TREUTLEN E-NEWS later this week.
February 16 at 3:02pm ·
Kasey Rae I would be glad for you to post my comment on Treutlen E-News! And yes we need a better program for homeless animals. I have many times taken money out of my pocket to spay/neuter animals. You would be surprised how willing vets are to work with you. I would be very willing to start a group.
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