Saturday, February 27, 2010

Local Woman Seeks Mission Support

Tammy Ricks, daughter of Kenneth and Hazel Ricks, has become a part of Wycliffe Associates, as Site Volunteer Coordinator in India. The association supports Bible translation across the world.

Recently she has been working with others to foster a youth center in Dublin, while also holding a secular job.

Right now she is spreading the word about the venture so people will understand the mission.

"I need to get invited into churches to inform, open doors, and raise support," Ricks says. "I will be in India for at least two years. We have a goal to have all the remaining 180 languages-just in India alone- to be started if not complete by 2025. I am the Site Volunteer Coordinator for the new project that will involve missionaries, translators, students as well as volunteers from other organizations as well as our own associates."

She explains "The association supports Wycliffe Bible translators by assessing the needs and help meeting those needs--I began my time with them as a construction team volunteer.
My particular job in Asia will be to support the volunteers and coordinate their efforts so that their time in the field will be both meaningful and productive to the greatest capacity.
If you would like to support Bible translation and would like to help me help them--there is a ministry account set up Through Wycliffe Associates--my # is M10048--that is my ministry account number.
Wycliffe Bible Translators have been around for over a Hundred years-- Wycliffe Associates --since 1967."

Steve Martin, Asia/Pacific Area Recruiter, has offered the following letter of introduction:

11450 Translation Way
P.O. Box 620143
Orlando, FL 32862
February 20, 2010

It is my pleasure to introduce Tammy Ricks, who will be serving in India, taking a critical assignment in support of Bible translation for Wycliffe Associates. Recently, while serving as a volunteer for Wycliffe Associates in the states of Georgia and Florida, her enthusiastic spirit brought praise from both colleagues and supervisors. Her sincere heart and genuine motivation have made her our choice for the position of Site Volunteer Coordinator (SVC) for India. Our Asia Area Director is very pleased to have Tammy on the team.
Tammy’s assignment will be to serve as the primary liaison between Wycliffe Associates and SIL. She will work closely with the SIL management team helping to assess where the greatest translation support role needs are. Her duties will include ongoing communication with the recruiting team in Orlando and assistance with member care responsibilities for volunteers and staff to secure a positive missions experience and meet their housing, transportation, and other logistical needs. She will work closely with other key Wycliffe Associates personnel assigned to the region and provide assessment, evaluation, and recommendations to the Area Director for the continued growth and increased effectiveness of the volunteer and support staff program.
We have seen God’s hand at work in Tammy’s life and are grateful to Him for leading her to the Wycliffe Associates family. Your support through prayer, encouraging words, and financial commitment will help to advance 180 Bible translation projects in India and reach the greatest number of people still waiting to hear God’s Word in the language of their hearts.

Until all have heard,
Steve Martin
Asia/Pacific Area Recruiter

Tammy Ricks' resume and other information is available to friends on her Facebook profile. You are invited to post comments, copy, or email this post to support her ministry.

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Tammy said...

Thank you so much for the Blog-- I need to correct a statement of fact, SIL has been around for about 70 tears, WBT about 60. You can do a search on Cameron Townsend and get the full story. WBT was named after John Wycliffe who was accredited for having overseen the work of translating the Bible into English around 1380.