Thursday, April 2, 2009

Like fixin' your lawn mower

This is Marlee. She's our chief advisor - the one who gives final approval of every word and picture of TREUTLEN E-NEWS.

She can't repair a lawn mower. She can't set up an internet site.

Neither can we. The difference is that it doesn't matter to Marlee. It matters to us would-be online publishers. So we keep struggling.

We wanted to put Marlee's picture at the top of every page, as she is Chief Advisor, but the "gadget" to do it doesn't work. If you are not mechanically inclined, it's very much like trying to fix your lawn mower. The experience is likely to expand your vocabulary and try your soul.

Marlee growled "I didn't want y'all taking my picture anyhow! As for the lawn mower, take it to Elmie Phillips!"

The regular photo import mechanism seems to be working fine. Heeere's Marlee, our Chief Advisor.

This post reluctantly approved by Marlee.

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