Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Georgia Leads in Pecan Production


No news that Georgia is the pecan leader. You knew that. The native American nut and tree is a type of hickory, grown in the south, mid-west and Mexico. Did you know that a pecan tree could live for 300 years and continue to bear nuts? More at Wikipedia:

These emerging leaves were picked in Soperton and brought in away from the cold wind outside. Look for deep shade soon.

There were reports of snow flurries at Kite at 4 p.m. After tonight's cold snap we can look for the 60s and 70s again. In April 80 years ago, there were good stands of corn and cotton in Treutlen County. The water had reached the footbridge yesterday at the GA 46 boat landing. Due to peak tomorrow.

Check our GA NEWS link for the Dublin Courier Herald's story about Dubose Porters candidacy for Governor.

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