Thursday, January 13, 2011

Now we hear from the Range's toughest critic:

Robert Rapier criticized Range Fuels early on and continued as the company spent the taxpayer's money, but he said he never wanted it to fail, as he explains in his latest blog:

Range Fuels Out of Money?

"As a taxpayer and someone very concerned about energy policy, I spoke out on what I felt were serious deficiencies in the way projects get funded; namely that the companies that make the most outrageous claims are too often the ones that get funded."

Feel free to comment on the E-NEWS blogpost or on Robert Rapier's blogpost.

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Joel Edge said...

I am afraid this project is going to end badly. Blaming "public apathy for green fuels" seems a little odd. With soaring oil prices and a reluctance to process the more usual sources for ethanol because of causing food price spikes. It would seem that converting wood wastes to ethanol would be a gold mine.


Thanks, Joel Edge, for your comment.

From the beginning the Klepper, Kergy, Range Fuels idea was different from tried and true technology in the use of a catalyst or enzyme. It was documented in area newspapers at the beginning.

The gasification part was established technology. Nothing new about that. So time and money was spent to put a new process on the ground, not to copy existing technology. So when it got down to the nitty-gritty, Range Fuels (last year) said that the catalyst was too expensive. They claimed to have made some quantity of methanol and some quantity of ethanol before they shut down.

They spent the money, but didn't deliver.

Anybody ever hear Jerry Clower's story about the lyin' coon dog?