Saturday, January 22, 2011

Miscellaneous Photos of 2010 - never published

August 26, 2010: Ricks was on his trip to
 Indian Springs and stopped by a new
Dollar General in east Macon.
HUGE! A half-dozen refrigerated cases,
15 long aisles, and about a third of the store
 for clothing (not pictured). Don't
we wish our DG was that big?

On the road again...making music with my friends.  Kennon Peebles is an excellent driver!

October 26, 2010: The CrowMart crew checked out a
Shoney's while on a business trip. The food was pronounced
delicious, even the low-fat meal.

November 23, 2010:  Gas prices went up to $2.71 and nine tenths, and  still going up.

Here's a good question.  Soperton has a very busy GA 29 Main Street which is crossed by U. S. 221, GA 56, GA 46, and
the same situation with GA 15 and GA 78. We've been told that the traffic is not severe enough to justify a speed minimum less than 35 MPH.  So, why does Wadley, with a U. S. 1 bypass for most of it's traffic and only one crossing highway on Business U.S. 1, and little traffic, as shown in the picture, has four 25 MPH signs on Business U. S. 1?
There is one 30 MPH sign in Soperton at the bottom of the Harrell's parking lot, with no business  there for months!

December 2, 2010: Heavy frost that morning, and the clouds were unusual on the way to Augusta.

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