Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hilarious! Does anybody think that Range Fuels might need a real PR person?

"they’ve received 320-million dollars in state, federal and private money. But now they need more."

From Georgia Public Broadcasting:

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Jay Daniels said...

If you have noticed, when they were building the place they took forever, but they would go out and move some dirt around every time they got a new grant. It seems they did not invest much of their own money since they had to wait on federal grant after federal grant before they could do anything. Think about this - all OPEC has to do is keep oil prices down for an extended period and then it would be very unprofitable for these ethanol companies to stay in business. This may have already happened! $3 per gallon is not really high enough to justify the expensive to produce such alternate fuel today. In U.S. and German history, this has been tried over and over again and it has failed. Now we seem to have many hybrids and the new electric cars being sold which will make it even more difficult to stay in the ethanol business in the foreseeable future. One thing's for sure, this company has not employed many local people and that is very sad. Range Fuels is a money pit.

Anonymous said...

another DOE phd project bites the dust! it was voodoo science-and they hoodwinked all the experts!Look at others who have done something-and not one dime of DOE funds-Show Me Energy-Mo. Biodimesions-Tenn.just a few