Monday, January 31, 2011

New stories on Range Fuels

"DOE plans to suspend federal support for the company’s operations and construction at this time, reducing future financial risk for the American taxpayers.”
"The fed should be hotly tracking every penny to see if any is recoverable from this scheme and if any criminality can be assigned to the CEO and officers."
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USDA guarantees loans for three others, but not for Range Fuels.
Good news this week for three cellulosic ethanol process developers when the USDA announced loan guarantees for Fulcrum, Ineos and Enerkem.
On the other hand, it appears Range Fuels is struggling. We were able to confirm a number of employees have been laid off, but the company has not responded to recent attempts to confirm another report in the local press. 
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Anonymous said...

Ya'll sure do bash the county alot. I'm confused. What shold they have done. Tell Range no, you can't put your plant here because we're not sure if you'll make it. What if someone had told the Wright Brothers that. You'll never make advancements if you don't take some risks.

Anonymous said...

Didn't figure you would post a comment.


To Anonymous of February 3, 2011 9:27 AM:
We don't check the mailbox connected with this blog every day, so we didn't get your comment until now.
You will notice that it is posted.

To Anonymous of February 2, 2011 5:44 PM:
Thanks for your comment.
We disagree that we bash the county a lot.
To your question "What should they have done?" was already suggested in the main post. Hire professional oversight.
As we recall, the local taxpayers put in over $300,000 to buy the site, and Range Fuels has benefitted in other ways that cost the local taxpayers money.
At least when Rapier's opinions came to light, somebody in charge of our local spending should have contacted him.