Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Treutlen Votes Republican

Treutlen County cast less than 1800 votes in the General Election, Tuesday, November 2.

For U. S. Senate the vote was:  Isakson 1,160, Thurmond 547, Donovan 33, Total 1,740.

For Governor the vote was: Deal 1,086, Barnes 664, Monds 40, Total 1790.

For Lt. Governor the vote was: Cagle 991, Porter 746, Barber 36, Total 1,773.
For U. S. Representative, 12th District, the vote was: McKinney 1,052, Barrow 730, 1,782

Loser McKinney was quoted in the Southeast Georgia Today website:  "What's interesting is that if you took two half-counties out of it, we won.  So you've got 20 counties being dictated to by two other counties," meaning Chatham (Savannah) and Richmond (Augusta).

According to Southeast Georgia Today website: "Treutlen County had a write-in candidate trying to unseat incumbent school board member Alvin Heath, however, Steve Grinstead only attracted a third of the vote."
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