Monday, November 1, 2010

How to Register & Join Facebook

People using Facebook assume that everybody in the world already knows about it and how to use it.  The E-NEWS personnel use it, but they are mostly still at the amateur stage.

Ehow has produced video and other helps to get people registered, started on Facebook and how to learn more if they like.  We've heard that some people only use Facebook as a "party line".  Facebook requires your email address and your birthday (not the year), and a few "friends".  After that, you don't have to utter (write) a word. Just listen in (read)

A new sign goes up on Main Street for Soperton Ice Plant (aka Antiques-sip).  Check the E-NEWS sidebar for the link to their very active website, right under the website of Southern Belles Florist & Gifts, who also puts notices on the sign.

High School Football season is winding down, and you can read comments about the Vikings and other teams.

"I'm at a loss for words....I never expected that to happen. I really thought Treutlen would have went deep in the play-offs." one person wrote.

NEW SLIDESHOW: Many churches in Treutlen County held special fall events during the Halloween weekend. The First Baptist Church was one of them.

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