Saturday, July 24, 2010

Band Backers Link Added

Check our left bar and you will find the Treutlen Band Backers link to their website. People have been asking about the new Band Director, so we borrowed this article from the site. Click on their link to read the latest about the band:

 Hello Treutlen County Bands and Backers! 
     I hope you are as excited as I am about this year and the future of our music program! My goals are not to completely change how things have been in the past, but to continue a standard of excellence that I have set for myself and that Mr. Rayner had set for you. I am sure you are all as anxious as I am about getting things started, as well as getting to know who I am and what I am about.
     I am a recent graduate from the University of Georgia, and I believe that I excelled on my instrument.  I was principal trumpet of the Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band, played “lead” trumpet for 4 years in the Redcoat Band, and was one of the first two freshmen to be a part of “derbies”, an upperclassmen ensemble. I was a trumpet soloist for the Redcoat Band and was personally called and asked to be in the world-renowned trumpet player, Fred Mill’s studio.  Additionally, I was asked to play with the Georgia Brass at the opening of the Lamar Dodd Art School and to be the single featured soloist at UGA’s “Midfest”.  I believe these opportunities have greatly aided me as an educator.  I have learned much about practicing, performing, and persistence which are three aspects of music that I hope to share with you so that you can embrace and apply these lessons to many different aspects of your lives.
     I believe that music is a means by which some express emotion, relax, have fun, or display creativity, while others use it primarily in order to find a place to belong. For me, music is a means of taking a variety of students with different goals and needs and putting them in an environment where all must work towards the one common goal of harmony. Harmony, a common word in music, is very much applicable to the way that we can help the youth of today. As the director, in order to create musical harmony, I must first take certain frequencies of sound and delegate them to my students hoping that with careful attention and determination they will be able to work as a team with other students in order to create music. As an educator, I aim to achieve the same goals. Through music I believe I can create a team of young men and women who are searching for whatever brings harmony into their lives.  I will accomplish this goal by inspiring them with my love of music, but mostly by giving the students the confidence and opportunities to inspire themselves. 
     I am very excited about being here and I know we are going to do some great things this year. I look forward to meeting and making music with you! 
Eric M. Thompson
Treutlen County Schools
Director of Bands 

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