Saturday, June 5, 2010

Old Ford Place Gets New Wall

Panorama view from the Veterans Memorial  

Over the past few years Royce Fowler has acquired all the buildings between the Jim L. Gillis office on East Main Street and the late Carlton Warnock office on South Second Street. 
When Fowler gets property, he improves it to the betterment of Soperton and Treutlen County. He has taken the old Ford place, which was ready to collapse, and turned it into a sturdy useful with windows and doors remaining to be installed. 
The front wall was leaning several inches toward the sidewalk, so he removed it, leveled and repaired the roof structure and during the past two or three weeks led a masonry crew to erect concrete block and dark brick with colored mortar to finish a new wall in keeping with Soperton's traditional decor. Fowler didn't settle for a plain cheaper construction but took time and effort to make it beautiful.


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