Monday, June 14, 2010

Range Fuels in the News

Update on Range Fuels in Treutlen
"Range Fuels claimed in 2007 it would produce commercial cellulosic ethanol using wood and other biomass at a 20-million-gallon plant in Soperton, Ga. -- by 2008.
"However, the plant remains in development. Now, Range Fuels CEO and former Royal Dutch Shell executive David Aldous said his company has been honing its gasification/catalyst technology and plans to restart construction on the Soperton commercial plant in 2011."
--- Todd Neeley, DTN Staff Reporter 

Range Fuels investor says "algae fuel is a pipe dream".
"Silicon Valley pioneer Vinod Khosla is among the biggest investors in green technologies. His Khosla Ventures has bets on cellulosic ethanol company Range Fuels Inc. and LS9 Inc., which designs microbes to produce nonpolluting biofuels.
"Khosla says algae fuel is a pipe dream.
"We looked at two dozen algae business plans and have not found one that was a viable plan," says Khosla, speaking from his Menlo Park, Calif., office."
--- By KAMBIZ FOROOHAR Bloomberg News

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Anonymous said...

You folks living around Sooperton need to do some homework. You've been fed more hype from Range Fuels than meets the eye. Your Governor was the first one tricked. There goes $6mm state grant dollars.

This group has failed thus far and have not been at all honest with their first 150 news releases.

Investigate what doesn't work with their gasifier and catalyst systems. How many people have they laid off?

How many more broken promises after receiving a $76mm DOE grant and a $80mm USDA loan guarantee? These are our tax dollars being given away to hypesters!

Range actually was trying to construct and operate something solid, but never told the truth here.

Michael Wilson
Broomfield, Colorado