Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Could Have Been Written about Our Home


I'm a going back to where I come from
Where the honeysuckle smells so sweet it durn near makes you sick
I used to think my life was hum-drum
But I sure have learned a lesson that is bound to stick

There ain't no use of me pretending
This city life just ain't no place for gals like me to end in
Going back to where I come from
Where the mockingbird is singing in the lilac bush

"Going Back To Where I Come From"
Lyrics attributed to blues artist Jessie Mae Robinson

Dear friends, point out to us a lilac bush, and we'll do our best to photograph a mocking bird in it.

We first heard the song on a Kingston Trio album in the late 50's, but Spike Jones recorded it earlier. Don't it just fit Treutlen County? If you want any more verses, you'll have to let us know. We thrive on your input.

Fotos of fence and flowers made out on Whippoorwill Way.

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