Friday, February 11, 2011

Soperton's Range Fuels mentioned with Camilla bankruptcy

The Albany Herald writes about ethanol industry in Georgia: Range Fuels closing in Treutlen County and the corn ethanol bankruptcy in Camilla.

At least Treutlen Development Authority didn't put millions in the Range Fuels development as the authority in southwest Georgia did.

Corporate Greed at Work

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Joel Edge said...

Corporate greed? How about government cronyism and incompetence. The feasibility of converting wood chip bio-mass to ethanol was doubtful at the beginning, from the way I read it. When they started building this thing I had my doubts. Is there someone in the government with the ability to determine the difference between a pipe dream and an actual viable process. The article fortunately points out the problem. Letting the government agencies pick and chose which process to fund is a losing proposition. There's always some huckster out there with his hand out.


Thank you for your comment.
You are right about the government involvement. We were thinking "corporate" in a more general sense - the congregation of people in groups to escape personal responsibility. Includes big labor, big government, and big business.
Before Range Fuels, we had already searched the internet on the Kergy idea and wrote what we found for an area newspaper. What made the idea unique was the catalyst or enzyme to enhance the basic gasification process. Gasification was tried and true technology that had been around for a long time.
So Range kept spending, gradually building until last year when they announced that the catalyst was too expensive. Duh! It took that long to make that decision?