Monday, February 21, 2011

Say what? Range Fuels to produce how many millions of gallons?

Recent Story:
"In November, the U.S. EPA included Range Fuels as one of a handful of cellulosic biofuel producers that it expected to actually produce measurable amounts of fuel this year. When it finalized the 2011 renewable fuel standard (RFS) volumes on Nov. 29, the EPA said it expected Range Fuels to produce 2.3 million ethanol equivalent gallons of fuel this year—100,000 gallons of cellulosic ethanol and 2.9 million gallons of cellulosic methanol."
(EPA  must not have ever visited the Soperton plant.)
"The EPA… is unaware of any company other than Range Fuels pursuing the production of cellulosic methanol."

Almost a year ago (March 2010) Range Fuels had completed equipment installation with plans to produce 4 million gallons per year. 
"Meanwhile, Range Fuels Inc. has lowered initial expectations for its cellulosic ethanol facility near Soperton, Ga. The plant, which completed installation of equipment this month, plans to begin operating this summer with an annual capacity of 4 million gallons, down from an original goal of 10 million gallons."

Last summer, from Progressive Farmer:
"Robert Rapier, chief technology officer for bioenergy holding company Merica International, a former engineer at ConocoPhillips, and author of R-Squared Blog, said he believes the Broomfield, Colo.-based company is the poster child for an industry that has over-sold itself and under-performed."

Rapier has been giving Range a skeptical from the beginning.
"Range Fuels had initially intended to start producing in 2008, but that was delayed to 2009 and now production isn't forecast to begin until 2010." - Rapier, December 2008
If you don't read anything else, check out Rapier's article in Forbes magazine almost exactly a year ago (Feb. 25, 2010):
We can only wonder why Rapier's viewpoint was ignored.  It proved to be exactly accurate.
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