Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting the Business in Soperton

We couldn't understand what George Masters was saying when he hopped into the barber chair, but it sounded like "I want a Country Clipper."

You can see that he was on the way to getting one, as George looks as country as anybody. He is the owner and operator of Soperton Farm Center, and he loves to sell Country Clippers, too, the lawn mower variety.  If you want a good deal with great service be sure to go and talk with...... NOT George; see his son, Jamie, the real power behind the throne.

Officer Anderson has a growing barbershop business for men who desire a gentleman's cut.

It's true about Treutlen County that some people have to leave to make a living. But Masters and Anderson are examples of people who leave their homes in other counties to earn money in Soperton.

Be sure to be in Tarrytown Saturday morning  for the gigantic yard sale and barbecue sandwiches from the firemen!

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