Thursday, April 15, 2010

And the answer is....

Beaver Runn Road

originally named John Phillips Rd

runs from GA 46 to Corsey Grove Way originally named Joe Moxley Road

The pond is a part of the headwaters of a tributary flowing down to Wildwood Lake. The Google Maps satellite image was made when the pond was dry. (  Type in 30457 and go from there. Other Treutlen County dirt roads were washed out in the winter rains, too.

Why does Runn have two of letter 'n'?
How does Google know our old closed roads, when the official maps don't show them?
Why are pine trees growing in the old roads?
What was wrong with the original names?
Will your grandchildren be able to ride dirt roads, or will they have to rely on Google to see what Treutlen County looks like?

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