Friday, January 22, 2010

Unusual Axe Head Found Near Lothair

Harold Powell shows an old axe head he found this week while looking with Tommy Cullens on land owned by Tommy's son, Bubba Cullens. Harold and Tommy have spent many years collecting Indian artifacts and other old tools and metals.  Harold had one of the largest collections in the area, two or three thousand pieces all collected in Treutlen and adjoining counties, which he sold to Rick Towns of Wheeler County.
They will continue checking around about the pictured axe, but at this point it seems to be a splitting axe with hole for a handle. It is very rusty, but there is enough metal on the steel to prove it is brass clad, much thicker than brass plating. Look carefully inside the hole.
The site where the axe was found is about a mile north of Lothair off GA 199 along Red Bluff Creek.
If anyone has information about this type of artifact, please check with Harold and Tommy or leave a comment.

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