Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Deer Processing Underway at Rockledge



One Soperton hunter said he took his boat out on the Oconee River earlier this week and came back with three nice deer he found on some high ground. Some of the older sportsmen remember back when they had to go to Wilkinson County and other places with legal seasons, because the native deer were rare in Treutlen County. DNR started stocking deer in the early 70's.

Now there are plenty of local deer. Some people would say too many. Along with the growing deer population and popularity of deer hunting, the economy has been enhanced by entrepreneurs who cater to the needs of hunters.

One such business is H&H Deer Processing in the community of Rockledge, run by Jimmy Hutcheson, member of the Treutlen High School Class of 1979.

"I've been doing this now for four years," Hutcheson says, "and the business keeps on growing."

Since the beginning of deer season he has been busy seven days a week, from 8 to 8, processing deer for the hunters who kill them. He keeps records of the county in which each deer is taken and makes detailed orders according every customer's wishes.

His operation has plenty of refrigerator and freezer space. He cuts and processes the meat in a variety of ways: whole hams and shoulders, roasts, tenderloin, back strap, butterfly back strap.

Some customers prefer ground meat and cubed cuts. Stew meat, jerky strips are part of some orders. Sausage can be done in mild, medium, or hot.

Hutcheson serves many customers from the local area, but some come from far away places for the hunting season. He has regular customers from Atlanta, Florida, Tennessee, and as far away as Texas.

Jimmy Hutcheson is another Treutlen citizen who makes this a great place to live. You may reach him at 478-689-8493.

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