Monday, August 17, 2009

Slight changes in the E-NEWS Format

You will notice that our Chief Advisor's picture has been added to the E-NEWS. It's was something we wanted to do back when we started in March, but the old computer couldn't handle it. Our system now is faster, but we are aware that many internet users are still using dial-up. We try to keep the file sizes low for that reason. Let us know if we are doing anything that would slow down your system. Possibly the Grapes feature had too many photos.
We'd like to know how often you use our "Local Links" or which are the most popular.
We believe that a Bible should be handy, and Bible Gateway is our favorite. Try it and you will see why.
The Georgia Newspapers site is rather slow, but once you find your favorites you can make yourself a list of the URL's.
Cynthia Reese's blog is quite interesting and has been very active recently. Any aspiring writer should follow it, as she and her writer friends know how the business works.
The obituaries on the Sammons site are well read, just as they are in newspapers.
Bill Ricks's blog has pictures of Ricky Reese's signs and pictures from the past.

Our link to MSN weather seems as good as any.
Wikipedia is useful for quick answers. We need to add a dictionary, but we haven't decided which one to use.
E-NEWS has it's own Google search strip.
These are our Local Links. Try them out
Bible Gateway
City of Soperton
Georgia Newspapers
Local Author Cynthia Reese blog
Local Author Cynthia Reese website
Obituaries - Sammons Funeral Home
Old Pictures - New Signs, Bill Ricks of Soperton
Treutlen County Schools
Weather by MSN
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