Friday, June 26, 2009

Christian Family Center's New Life - conclusion


Dwayne H. Gillis of the Waycross Judicial Circuit writes: "I have had theopportunity to use the Christian Family Center (CFC) as an alternative sentencing option and in lieu of prisonforseveral years now. I have also referred many families with loved ones who are suffering from addiction to the Christian Family Center. The founder and staff ofCFC are humble in spirit and earnest in their unselfish effort to help those who are suffering from addiction.

"....CFC is the best program that I, as a judge, have to use as an alternative sentence or referral."

Well constructed martin houses are made and sold at the CFC.

We showed up at the Christian Family Center unannounced and uninvited, but we received sincere welcomes. It had been a few years since we last visited and we hadn't talked with anyone at the center in the meantime. We shook hands with office staff and Mr. Stuckey took us on tour showing every nook and cranny of the campus. The men were working at several jobs. Everyone, young or older, was friendly and showed genuine southern hospitality with good humor. They were interesting talkers. They had an air of pride, similar to that one would experience in the military or in some correctional facilities. They were quick-paced and ready for action. Teamwork was going well.

Sanding a sturdy table.
After the tour Mr. Steverson answered every question that hadn't already been answered by other staff. He addressed past problems and corrections, from negative comments on Topix to coming up to date with the sewage disposal in a growing institution.

He expressed appreciation to the people of Treutlen County, the contributors and the businesses CFC patronizes. Some donations are anonymous, some are monetary while other gifts include such things as timber for the sawmill.

The picnic table is finished with polyurethane. Notice the distinctive edge, the curvature of the tree trunk.
Brother Kea said that God had always provided a way, as he expressed his gratefulness for those who shared his vision and believed in the practical ministry of the center.

The sawmill's lumber is stored in a spacious woodshed.
A last comical note. Like other working families, the center offers a lot of chicken in the meals. So much that some of the men have concluded that CFC means Christian Fried Chicken!

Mailing address: Christian Family Center, P. O.Box 149, Rockledge, GA 30454.

Physical address: 21 Outreach Lane, Soperton, GA 30457. Intersection of I-16 and GA 29, between Soperton and Dublin.

Telephone: 912-529-6712 (Mon-Fri, 8-5)

Fax: 912-529-5655 (anytime)




The long ago vision of Rev. Robert Kea has grown as an institution, but also in introducing countless people to Jesus's love, salvation, and life.

Even the emblematic part of the vision has been realized in the cross towering above the trees.

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